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Lighting Retrofit Program

Make your propery's lighting more energy efficient while extending the life of your lights.


Toilet Retrofit Program

Is your toilet's water flow excessive? Make a difference with our toilet retrofit program.


Learn more about our lighting retrofit program:

Are you still operating under older lighting technologies? Is your electrical bill costing you more and more each year? If so, it is time to learn about lighting retrofit. Lighting retrofit not only saves you money, it also helps the environment. Titanium Power can set you up with a generous rebate that will make the installment cost too low to pass up!

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Why Titanium?

Why chose us? Titanium Power is the leading electrical service in the greater Los Angeles area. We are committed to excellence through superior electrical services and superb customer interaction. We truly listen to each and every one of our customers’ needs. Here at Titanium, we take the time to give free consultations to anyone who needs assistance with any type of electrical work. Titanium technicians also know how to help you save money. We fill out and turn in rebate forms for you, so you can just sit back and relax! We will also let you know what tax incentives are available for you. We pair closely with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to make sure things are done efficiently and up to state standards. In addition, we offer complete customer satisfaction and warranties for our services. Titanium Power really cares about our customers, and we take the time to make the sure the job is done right the first time.