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O&M Service Agreement

31 January

Titanium Power is now offering O&M Services for commercial and residential customers. More and more solar businesses have been adopting this service over the recent years to demonstrate qualified maintenance. Titanium Power can do just that. O&M service agreements are designed to help customers be better protected against damages to the solar system, its productivity over time, and safe. The agreement includes preventive and reactive services you may need in your 10-year workmanship warranty with Titanium Power and the manufacturer-backed product warranties, however certain limitations apply.


Titanium Power prides itself on leading the industry in high quality workmanship. When installing your solar panels or providing any service, we take great care in what we do and pay attention to any details necessary. Although the necessary precautions are always taken, certain issues may arise such as the loosening of conduit connectors, stripping of wires, ground faults, or other items. When these have been identified, Titanium Power is responsible for the fixing of these issues under the standard workmanship warranty. With this said, some issues appear over time that are not Titanium Power’s responsibility such as compression couplings which appear as a result of wind, earthquakes, or long-term exposures to sun.


Titanium Power chooses from a variety of equipments based off of service required, availability, and credit rating of the manufacturer, however when possible, products with industry-leading warranties and a low record of manufacturer defects are used. However, if an issue arises, the manufacturer’s labor reimbursement rates may not always cover the entire cost of troubleshooting and visits. An O&M Service Contract will help reduce these costs, including other replacement actions.


This annually-payed service agreement starts the year after the competition of the install and includes the following:

● Monthly analysis of production records
● Early identification of defective optimizers, modules, or inverters
● Annual summary reports of production history and prediction production

In addition, a bi-annual site visit is included to cover the following:
● Re-tightening compression couplings
● Testing of breaker and disconnect operation
● Inspection of exposed wires
● Inspection for any obvious shifting of modules or conduits
● Inspection of dc inverter connections and communication boards
● Inspection of any loose or damaged solar breakers
● Inspection of markings/caution stickers on conduit and electrical boxes
● Inspection of the condition of racking
● Inspection of solar modules
● Visual inspection of solar roof penetrations



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