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Why Energy Efficient Toilets Are Important

Did you know that toilets account for about 30% of residential indoor water use in the United States? Unfortunately, toilets can also be a major source of wasted water due to leaks and inefficiency. In homes that were built before 1993, it is common that the toilet will use over 3 gallons of water per flush. According to experts, the minimum amount of water needed to meet the basic human needs of drinking, cooking and hygiene is five gallons of clean water per person per day. So, just by flushing the toilet in an older home, you are already using over half the amount of water that is needed per day!

Luckily, today we have the option of energy efficient toilets.

Energy efficient toilets flush less than a gallon of water per flush. Under federal law, toilets must not exceed 1.6 gallons per flush. All high-efficiency toilets are guaranteed to use less than 1.3 gallons per flush.

So, you are considering purchasing an energy efficient toilet, but you have some questions. You may wonder how well they clean the toilet bowl and are they able to clean all waste? The answer is yes. Over the years, the energy efficient toilet has might significant progress in its design. They are able to conserve water without the loss of flushing power. During several consumer tests, many even found that energy efficient toilets performed better than standard toilets.

Can Energy Efficient Toilets Save Me Money?

The answer is yes! High efficiency toilets save you money by minimizing water and wastewater costs. You can save a significant amount of money by installing an energy efficient toilet. Titanium Power in Los Angeles offers special rebates and government tax incentives for people who install these types of toilets. If you would like more information, please reach out to one of our representatives today! We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about our lighting retrofit programs:

Ever wonder how we're able to offer a lighting retrofit program at an affordable cost? Thanks to California state rebates, by law, certain home improvements made on specific fixtures that conserve on energy warrant a state-funded rebate. Titanium Power will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let us help you save energy while also saving money on your utility bill.