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Why Toilet Retrofit

Since the 1980s, the City of Los Angeles made into law, several statutes regarding water conservation. During the last few years, California has suffered one of the most severe periods of drought in recent history. In 2015, the Los Angeles city council adopted new guidelines in response to recent drought conditions. For instance, residents can only water outdoors three days a week and another level has been added in extreme conditions that limits to watering only two days a week.

Also, in 2015, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency and issued the first-ever, mandatory water reduction laws. Among the new regulations, The California Energy Commission issued new rules regarding low-flow toilets which now can only use 1.1 gallons (or less) of water per flush. All residents and businesses must upgrade (or retrofit) any toilet that uses 1.6 gallons or more of water per flush. The entire water regulation framework is intended to reduce overall water usage, statewide, by 25 percent.

It is important to know why now is the time to learn about a home toilet retrofit for residents of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Burbank, North Hollywood, Marina Del Rey and Studio City.

According to SoCal Water Smart, the toilet in a typical home accounts for 30 percent of its total water usage. However, you don’t need that much water to flush properly.

A water conservation toilet can use as much as 20 percent less water and still flush properly. A high-efficiency toilet can save you as much as $800 over its lifetime and can save as much as 20 to 60 percent annually.

Los Angeles offers a toilet retrofit program (through rebates) to its residents. This applies for both residential toilet retrofits as well as commercial toilet retrofits. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power also offers water conservation rebate options for your bathroom and kitchen.

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Ever wonder how we're able to offer a lighting retrofit program at an affordable cost? Thanks to California state rebates, by law, certain home improvements made on specific fixtures that conserve on energy warrant a state-funded rebate. Titanium Power will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let us help you save energy while also saving money on your utility bill.