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Thermal Solar

How Thermal Solar Thermal Technology In Los Angeles Can Benefit You

Solar thermal energy has several benefits for you as a homeowner and businessowner in Los Angeles. Let’s first start by learning what it is. Solar thermal technology operates by using the sun’s energy (instead of fossil fuels) to create low-cost, eco-friendly thermal energy. This type of energy can be used to heat water and can also power air conditioning systems. Solar thermal systems are different from solar photovoltaic (also known as PV) systems, which produce electricity instead of heat.

Solar Thermal Energy Offers:

  • Lower Utility Bills:Residencies and businesses that require large quantities of hot water or other fluids pay for the fuel needed to heat those fluids. Because solar thermal systems use solar energy to heat fluids, they can reduce your utility bills by 70%.
  • It Meets Mandates and Other Requirements:Several business owners operate out of commercial buildings where mandates are implemented. They often require things like renewable energy technologies to be used. Solar thermal systems meet these requirements.
  • Help Creates a Smaller Carbon Footprint:When you use solar energy instead of fossil fuels, solar thermal systems reduce carbon-based greenhouse gases.

How Solar Thermal Systems Operate:

  • Solar thermal panels are installed on a roof, or other desired location to take in the solar energy.
  • Next, the solar fluid that is gathered through the panels gets delivered to a low energy pump that allows the heat to be transferred to the water tank.
  • When someone wishes to get hot water, the solar-heated water in the storage tank automatically goes into the primary water-heating system.

Solar Thermal System Rebates

Higher rebates are now available for California residents who choose to install solar water heating systems. The CSI-Thermal program offers cash rebates that can total up to $4,366 on solar water heating systems for California residents. Business owners can qualify for up to $800,000 in rebates on solar water systems. In addition to the rebates, you also save money on gas and electricity bills! Learn more here:

Go green and save money today with solar thermal technology.

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Ever wonder how we're able to offer a lighting retrofit program at an affordable cost? Thanks to California state rebates, by law, certain home improvements made on specific fixtures that conserve on energy warrant a state-funded rebate. Titanium Power will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let us help you save energy while also saving money on your utility bill.