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Looking to conserve energy while also saving on your monthly electric bills - for free? Let our expert technicians perform a lighting retrofit on your home.

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The Importance of Home Security Lighting

Every homeowners wants a safe and secure home. Outdoor security lighting is one way to add another level of protection. Things like door and window locks help keep unwanted burglars out, but well-placed security lights also scare off burglars.

Motion sensing lights automatically turn on when they sense motions. They sense motion through passive infrared technology. If a light comes on at night, you will know that someone is near your home or on your property. Once the light turns on, it is probably that the unwanted individual will be scared away.

Outdoor lighting can be beneficial if you have surveillance around your home as well. If you have a lurking burglar and have him or her on surveillance, but it is so dark you can’t even see their face, then the video is of no use. Properly lit areas can get you the best footage possible.

Security lights also feature smart timers where you can program them to turn on when no one is home, so it give the illusion that someone is home.

Professional Lighting Retrofit Installation

Having your security lights professionally installed is highly encouraged. Security lights are much different that interior home lights. There are several different precautions and obstacles that should only be handled by trained professionals during the installation process. Professionals will also ensure that your lights are properly connected to a reliable power source.

If you are considering updating your security lights for your home or business, reach out to a representative at Titanium Power today. We offer all types of lighting retrofit installations and have experience throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Ever wonder how we're able to offer a lighting retrofit program at an affordable cost? Thanks to California state rebates, by law, certain home improvements made on specific fixtures that conserve on energy warrant a state-funded rebate. Titanium Power will do all the heavy lifting for you. Let us help you save energy while also saving money on your utility bill.